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How to buy a bot

That’s to say nothing of the millions more it’s allowed resellers to rake in as profit. Dennis Ho, a senior product manager at Shopify focused on bot protections, said that his team working with retailers tries to change tactics every time. Shopify’s job, he said, is to slow down bots to a human level.

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What sneaker botting does is the selective acceleration of the sneaker trade. However, sneaker bot developers quickly update their operating software to bypass any new protective measures. Servers are preferred with bots for delivering the increased speed required when crawling sites that sell rare sneakers. But again, compared to the crazy resell prices of OOS bots, it’s not a lot to pay for such a performance.

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Sneakers bots in most cases do not violate any rules or laws because they help people obtain desired items at a competitive price instead of resorting to illegal sources like street sellers. One of the most common signs is an abnormal number of sales for a single item in a short time frame. A bot will make many purchases at once and it will be very noticeable if there’s only one user selling his whole stock within days (hours or even minutes). There is another important to know; not everyone in the sneaker bot business is getting rich. Sneaker bots are growing fast, with hundreds of exclusive sneaker releases dropping yearly, accounting for hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. There are people that join those bot marketplaces and impersonate real middlemen with fake names and accounts.

How to buy a bot

Without bots, shopping limited-edition releases would prioritize those with fast internet or close to the manufacturer’s server. Once the bot is launched, it will automate the checkout process and purchase items more quickly than possible. For more sneaker stores, check out our full list of the best sneaker websites. Because there are hundreds like you, ‘botting’ the same sneakers simultaneously, there’s crazy competition right from the start.

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Sneaker bots are automated software programs designed to give their users a competitive advantage while shopping online. Ever wonder how you’ll see sneakers listed on secondary markets like StockX or eBay before the kicks even drop? A typical scalper bot will “sit” on the sneaker product page, constantly refreshing to click “add to cart” the second the sneaker drops.

  • About 10 years ago, the owners thought it was becoming unsafe to have shoppers camp out overnight in front of the store, so major releases moved online.
  • It also facilitates the reset of the key if you need to utilize a bot on another device.
  • A cook group is a sneakerhead community usually hosted on Discord.
  • While 2023 is still young, if you’re looking to invest in a top-notch sneaker-copping tool, TKS might not be the bot for you.
  • Among such bots are Project Enigma, Linear AIO, and uSNKRS.

With soft-blocking, visitors with a data center IP address will need to solve a CAPTCHA before entering the waiting room. Real visitors should be using an up-to-date version of a browser, but bot scripts frequently run on outdated versions. In practice this means you need a combination of tools and strategies tailored to bots’ diverse attack vectors. As a sneaker retailer, your defenses need to be just as sophisticated. If bots were easy to stop, someone would’ve done it by now.

Why sneaker bots are dangerous for sites, businesses, and customers alike

This includes release monitors which will swiftly alert of bots restock. There you can also find advice on the improvements of botting performance, sneaker reselling, and much more. Some bot developers even make exclusive deals with cook groups for group buys.

How to buy a bot

And, while some new bots might not have (yet) the reputation of OG sneaker bots, there’s a chance this will get even better. The industry’s growth calls for new sneaker bots to join every season. We could keep naming so many more sneaker bots, but the main problem is finding one to buy.


Retailers, brands, and designers often speak out about the use of bots as a potential problem, attempting to stop them or fight back. Some clever buyers use automated bots to spot and buy them. You need to find a sneakerhead that’s not interested in whatever drop you’re copping. So you can’t buy these shoe bots when you’ve saved enough.

For instance, if you want to enter an online queue to buy the latest YEEZYs, the more entries you have, the higher the chances of completing your purchase. You must set up and use proxies alongside a dedicated server and the bot. Provide the bot with the product name and other related keywords. The most botted sites are Supreme, Dover Street Market, Shopify stores like YeezySupply, and footwear sites (Foot Locker, Champs, Eastbay, and Footaction). The protests led KAWS to announce the canceling and blocking of orders made by bots.

We’ll discuss what sneaker bots are, how to get them and how proxies fit into the sneaker world. To use a sneaker bot, bot users need to enter data into the software, such as credit card information, name, and shipping address. Once they input the information, they can specify what the bot should purchase.

Imagine if a hyped release of 500 pairs of sneakers starts to drop and 5,000 Wrath users begin botting it. What would happen is that these users had no way to compete with each other when using the same shoe bot. This would severely affect the bot’s success rates and would make it less effective. In many cases, bots are built by former sneakerheads and self-taught developers who make a killing from their products. Insider has spoken to three different developers who have created popular sneaker bots in the market, all without formal coding experience.

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That only works if products have very low supply, which depends on the number of products manufacturers deliver — and supply-chain issues like the cost and availability of component parts. Even with the most bulletproof bot blocking strategy, some sneaker bots will still get through. Remember to look for bot mitigation solutions that monitor traffic across all channels—web site, mobile apps, and APIs. Sneaker bots can plug directly into retailer’s APIs to access products more quickly. Botting is the sneaker world’s word for using bots to buy shoes.

  • A ‘sneaker bot’ is an automated script or application designed and used to find and speed up the checkout process when buying rare sneakers online.
  • Soon, sneaker buyers started encouraging Mr. Titus to sell his work.
  • He experimented with other technologies and taught himself how to code.
  • You should know that this is not an accessible business, and it’s not like you will be making instant money.
  • For retailers, there’s no difference — at least in terms of revenue — between bot customers and human ones.

Sarafyan, in his own words here, breaks down everything you need to know to get into the business. Moving on to the third step you should do before you buy a sneaker How to buy a bot bot! And, that is, making a list of all the sneakers and other items that you wanna buy. And, then you have to filter them into things that you want to resell.

Payment processing providers who provide secure payment processing services. Note your payment card details are not shared with us by the provider. Dedicate resources to review order confirmations before shipping the sneakers. When you confirm visitors as bots, you need to tag and mitigate them.

It is expected to reach a value of $106.6 billion by 2027, up from $59.16 billion a decade earlier. With the sneaker resale market worth over $10 billion, there are plenty of opportunities to make a profit. Limited edition sneakers often sell for two to five times their original sale price on resale sites. Nikes are in high demand and are using raffles for their drops. The sneaker bots developers usually create software specifically targeted for this producer.

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