LISTEN: Charles Kelley Shares His ‘Goodbye Letter To Alcohol’ In Emotional New Song, ‘As Far As You Could’ Leave a comment

“Being on the road with our fans is our greatest joy, so it was a hard but important decision to make,” the band wrote in a message to fans. “We are a band, but more importantly, we’re family. We’re proud to say that Charles has embarked on a journey to sobriety. This isn’t a letter that you are submitting for a grade in school.

How do you say the perfect goodbye?

  1. Prepare emotionally. Before you leave, give some attention to the emotional aspects of saying goodbye.
  2. Tie up loose ends.
  3. Let go of regrets.
  4. Don't wait too long.
  5. Don't overdo it.
  6. Be realistic about the future.

When you focus on writing about why you decided to get sober, it will reinforce these reasons. You can write about how you knew you hit rock bottom and needed help. You can also write about the secondary problems that came about because of your substance abuse issues and why you want to change them. The Sanctuary Foundation provides a supportive residential environment to help you say goodbye forever to drugs and alcohol.

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By writing about it in their goodbye letter to addiction, the patient can learn more about themselves. There is a saying that the hardest thing to do in life is to say goodbye. This includes all relationships, including my relationship with you. We have been through a lot together. This started off with plenty of happy moments, like the first time I experienced getting high or drunk.

  • Over 200 miles of you and me on the road together.
  • Kelley eventually commented that the supportive comments “have brought me to tears.”
  • Our team determines the best possible treatment plan for you without cutting quality.

CBT addresses drug addiction by making you aware of negative thinking so you can effectively challenge yourself. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers comprehensive programs and a therapeutic community for addiction that will guide you to a healthier path. Make this goodbye letter to addiction your last one. Kelley did not confirm a release date or any additional information regarding the track. “As Far As You Could” marks Kelley’s first solo release since 2016. The unreleased song follows Lady A abruptly canceling their Request Line Tour.

Goodbye Letter to Drugs and Abuse

It is more important to make sure that you get out everything that you want to say. Sometimes addiction occurs through people being completely irresponsible. They take drugs for the fun of it and eventually find themselves hooked. Many patients are down on themselves because they think this is what they have done.

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They say it’s not something that consciously happens, and it really was out of my control. But with help from a lot of caring people, I’m taking control of my life again. As much as it hurts to walk away from you, I’ll always try to remember the good times of my life and put the bad times behind me.

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Our specialists walk you through the process of understanding your benefits. We provide the most suitable method of recovery tailored to you or your loved one’s needs. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer free insurance verification to verify your benefits.

  • When I was told by my therapist (she may be a counselor, I don’t really know) that this was the next thing I had to do while in treatment, I understood but I asked some questions.
  • As an Illinois drug rehab, we are sharing a few tips on writing a goodbye letter to addiction that could not only help you in the present but also be beneficial in the future.
  • When I threw out my back, you comforted me for weeks and eased the pain.
  • By writing about it in their goodbye letter to addiction, the patient can learn more about themselves.

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