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remove wondershare helper compact

No, not every version of Windows has Wondershare Studio by default. In fact, Wondershare Studio is not a Windows program, therefore, strengthening the fact why it isn’t available on all versions of Windows. Wondershare, the company that owns Wondershare Studio, was established in 2003, with the headquarters placed in Hong Kong, China. First, go to your Applications folder and locate the Wondershare Video Converter app, then drag it to the Trash.

remove wondershare helper compact

You should know that just dragging and dropping apps to the Trash is not enough for their complete removal. You will have to find all the leftovers manually and remove them. The system restore process may take some time to restore your PC to an earlier point. If you want https://cryptolisting.org/coin/mgo to remove any program from your computer, you can do it with the built-in uninstaller, but that doesn’t always prove to be successful. If you are experiencing issues with the app and want to remove it from your system, here is a detailed guide on how to remove the app.

How to use Wondershare Studio?

Use the resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem. This allows you to repair the operating system without data loss. Now, a prompt will be popped up on the screen displaying, “You may need to restart your computer to apply these changes. Before restarting, save any open files and close all programs”. Confirm your choice and click on either Restart or Exit without restart. If you can find your program now, follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall the software.

remove wondershare helper compact

Sometimes uninstalling Wondershare Studio is not enough, and you need to remove the entire module to get rid of the software. Therefore it is crucial to safely uninstall Wondershare Studio from your Windows to restore it without crash or boot errors. This makes Wondershare Studio 29% dangerous, based on technical security. To check if the software is legit, you need to check if its executable file, WSHelper.exe has a verified sign or not. To do so, run your Task Manager, tap on the columns field, adding ‘Verified Signer’ as one of the columns. If you want to reset an app that’s misbehaving, instead of uninstalling it completely, go back to step 4 and choose “Reset” from the dropdown menu next to the application’s name.

Method 1: Using the application manager

One other way to completely remove the software, and any other hidden one that could put the integrity of your data, your sensitive information, and your PC as a whole at risk, is using an antivirus. The app seems to serve no real purpose but runs in the background wasting system resources and at times causing serious issues with the system, including frequent crashes. The app seems to exhibit similar behavior as some malware where a hidden piece of software is installed and set to run constantly in the background. The first thing that will help you determine if a particular file is a legitimate Windows process or a virus, is the location of the executable itself.

  • In this case, you must enable Safe Mode with Networking – a secure environment that disables most processes and loads only the most required services and drivers.
  • Due to an error, not all of the files were successfully uninstalled.
  • In this case, you require to delete those unnecessary files manually.
  • Around 80% of the users reported that their Windows got slowed down after installing the software and they were unable to perform even the smallest of tasks.
  • If you have a bigger problem, try to remember the last thing you did or the last thing you installed before the problem.

The Settings application also has the option to uninstall applications directly with a click of a button. After you have restarted your computer check properly to see If the files have been uninstalled and deleted and whether the issue has been resolved or not. So for that purpose, the user should try to uninstall not only the software but also the whole module of the wonder share helper compact and not just the video converter. The .exe extension of a file name displays an executable file. Even though you have deleted the Wondershare from your PC, there are huge leftover files hidden in your folders thereby affecting the performance of the PC. To delete the files from PC folders, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Method 2: Deleting File Leftovers

If you suspect that you may be infected with a virus, then you must attempt to fix it immediately. To delete the Wondershare Helper Compact.exe virus, you should download and install a full security application like Malwarebytes. Note that not all tools can detect every type of malware, so you may need to try several options before you’re successful. Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter software will solve all the difficulties that you face while uninstalling a program. Now, click on Next and follow the onscreen instructions to install the downloaded file. It is an executable file that aids in interpreting keystrokes and supervising other programs.

Windows security opening fully blanked – Virus, Trojan, Spyware … – BleepingComputer

Windows security opening fully blanked – Virus, Trojan, Spyware ….

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You need not have any technical knowledge or training to use this software. The product website is the best place where you can find information about Wondershare Helper. If you want to know more about Wondershare Video Converter and purchase this software, visit the web address mentioned on the website. This added software plugin is used to develop or create popups when making a DVD or converting your files.

Can I uninstall Wondershare Studio from my PC?

In order to disable Wondershare, you need to open Windows Task Manager; then, you have to select the startup tab and check what program starts as the Windows starts. Those programs mainly include software updates valuable for system resources. On the startup tab, you can right-click on Wondershare Studio and then tap on disable to disable the application. When the executable file is located in the user’s profile folder (in a subfolder), the security risk is higher and almost double If this is the case, then Wondershare Studio can be 66% dangerous. Wondershare Video Converter allows you to convert video files from a range of different formats into optimized ones for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

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